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Hillside RV Park

Community Rules

  1. Residents will refrain from disturbing others (loud music, excessive noise of any kind). Quiet time is 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. You will be asked to leave if any credible complaints are brought against you or your guests.

  2. Residents are responsible for their pets at all times. Only smaller dogs under 50 pounds are allowed and they cannot be left unattended at any time and must be on a leash when not inside your Camper. All pet litter must be cleaned up immediately and those that are not in compliance will lose all pet privileges. Noisy pets will not be allowed to stay and only one warning will be issued prior to the request to remove your pet from the community. Aggressive breeds are not allowed.

  3. $400 and $35/month fee for any damages caused by pets.

  4. There will be a $500 charge if a pet is sneaked in and a $50/month if pet found while home was inspected. 

  5. No fireworks are allowed on the property. Firearms must be kept concealed at all times. No discharging of firearms for target practice, hunting, or any other reason.

  6. Residents are required to keep their site clean and picked up at all times. No parking on the grass, and no open burning – ALL FIRES must be contained in a fire pit.

  7. A security deposit plus first month’s rent is to be paid before moving onto premises. The deposit will not be refunded until you are unhooked from power and an employee has read the meter and the bill owed is paid in full.

  8. All vehicles must have current and up-to-date tags and be licensed to drive or they will not be allowed on the property. No working on vehicles on the property.


  10. Please refrain from unseemly language. Show respect to your neighbors with both your words and your actions.

  11. Please bag your garbage and place into the trash bins located along the main road. Only household generated garbage should be placed in the dumpster or bins.

  12. Nature trails are available for Residents’ enjoyment. Please pick up any trash seen along the trails and help keep them clean.

  13. Heated water lines are required during winter months to avoid frozen and busted water lines and hookups. Residents are responsible to cover the cost of repair of any damages resulting from frozen lines.

  14. A Resident may switch lots from time to time upon written approval from management. A $125 administrative fee may be assessed if approved.

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